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The CRD is a pioneer body in the area of Middle East and Africa. It has been established in April 1986, to fulfill the faculty needs in terms of curriculum reform and manpower development. It was initially sponsored by the Kellogg’s International Fellowship Program in Health. Two years later, it was totally self-dependent. In 1988 it was declared as a WHO collaborating center in medical education & health research.


The center was re-designated in 1995 & 1999 as a WHO collaborating center. In 2003, it was re-designated for the third time as a WHO collaborating center for two years. In Sept. 2005, the school was re-designated for the fourth time from Sept. 2005 to Sept. 2009


The core members of the center are faculty staff who had obtained their master degree in health professions education (MHPE) from University of Illinois, Chicago, USA in 1987 & thereafter. Other CRD staff has long experience in medical education in the school.


The center is providing functions related to medical education in the fields of research, training and consultations. Many workshops, courses and conferences are conducted by the center in and out of the country in different themes of medical education such as community-based education, problem-based education, curriculum development, student assessment, program evaluation, best-evidence in medical education, community participation, management & leadership and others.


CRD Vision & Mission


Center of excellence in medical education serving the Eastern Mediterranean Region


To upgrade medical education and health services through manpower development and research on the local, national and regional levels


Terms of References of the CRD

1-To support research in the field of Medical Education

2-To supervise health systems research and develop collaborative activities with health authorities and professional associations accordingly. This will be accomplished locally. It will also be promoted nationally and internationally.

3-To promote community-oriented and community-based medical education as well as problem-based learning approaches in countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

4-To act as a regional resource for health personnel in the community-oriented and problem-based learning approaches.

5-To train health personnel in the field of management and leadership, student assessment, program evaluation and other topics in medical education field nationally, regionally & internationally.



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