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Egypt Case Study in Faculty of Medicine SCU 


Medical education Departments and resources:

Department of Medical Education illinois university

Medical Study Guides Page

AAMC Medical Education

Medical education, medical students (Primary Care Internet Guide)

Timelit Topics in Medical Education

Liaison Committe on Medical Education

SuccessTypes Medical Education Page

Association for Hospital Medical Education

Medical Education online resources

Medical Education Online electronic journal


Problem Based Learning Resources:

PBL Home Page - Queen's University, Canada, Faculty of Medicine

PBL Definition and discussion

PBL Initiative, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine


Medical resources:

LUMEN - Loyola University Medical Education Network

University of Florida Medical Education Server

AMEDEO Medical Literature Guide

Educational Resources for Medical Students

Full undergraduate courses

HONmedia - Medical images

Integrated Medical Curriculum

Medical Encyclopedia

Medical Images & Illustrations

Medical World Search

Medical Mnemonics

Medicalconferences Home

Resources For Nurses

Virtual Hospital Home Page

Electronic Journals

Medical Matrix


MD Consult




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